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journal of applied microbiology and biochemistry is a peer reviewed journal that focusses on publication of manuscripts pertaining to the application of micro organisms in industrial and molecular microbiology the microbiological principles are exploited in the fields of food microbiology environmental biotechnology medical microbiology and industrial biotechnology for the development of, cell biology of plasmodium tulane university - cellular and molecular biology of plasmodium members of the genus plasmodium are eukaryotic microbes therefore the cell and molecular biology of plasmodium will be similar to other eukaryotes a unique feature of the malarial parasite is its intracellular lifestyle, biology middle tennessee state university - a region s richness biology isn t all microscopes and petri dishes the department has a number of professors whose research takes them and many of their students into the field to study the visible world and its creatures, biochemistry of plasmodium brief overview - 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