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hprplus series refrigerated air dryers 750 to 3000 scfm - hankison offers compressed air users the refrigerated air drying technology to meet the needs of their critical applications and deliver high quality air series dryers deliver stable iso8573 1 quality class 4 and class 5 pressure dew points and remove solid particulates and oil from compressed air systems across all operating flows, hankison air dryer manual hprp 250 pdf download free - get hankison air dryer manual hprp 250 pdf download free and save both time and money by visit our website available in formats pdf kindle epub itunes and mobi also thank you so much pleasure to visit our website hankison air dryer manual hprp 250 pdf download, hprplus series and hes series refrigerated compressed air - forerunner to the refrigerated air dryer in 1943 hankison international s engineers have set the industry standard for refrigerated dryer technology 1 smooth tube heat exchanger technology the ability to design and manufacture high performance heat exchangers tailored to the application of compressed air has been a hankison tradition, hankison 125 cfm compressed air dryer for 30hp grainger - looking for hankison 125 cfm compressed air dryer for 30hp maximum air compressor 250 psi 1zpt9 grainger s got your back price 3448 00 easy ordering convenient delivery log in or register for your pricing, hankison hprp refrigerated air dryers addison il - hankison hprp refrigerated air dryers hpr plus series refrigerated compressed air dryers the hankison performance and reliability plus filtration hprpius series is one of the world s most commonly installed refrigerated air dryers, 7610 483 38a hnk hprp600a 750a 041252 - the dryer base to permanently mount the dryer to the floor 1 3 piping connections a air inlet connect compressed air line from air source to air inlet reference markings on dryer or see callout drawing on page 14 for air inlet outlet connection loca tions refer to serial number tag for maximum working pressure, non cycling refrigerated air dryers - refrigerated air dryers in the flow range of 200 scfm to 1000 scfm certification through a third party laboratory provides end users an industry accepted basis for comparison of refrigerated air dryer performance and selection standardized performance data sheets are posted on the hankison website, refrigerated type compressed air dryers - install dryer at coolest compressed air temperature possible maximum inlet compressed air temperature 120 f 49 c if inlet air exceeds this temperature precool the air with an aftercooler b air outlet connect air outlet to downstream air lines c if servicing the dryer without interrupting the air supply is desired, refrigerated air dryer technical manual - technical manual refrigerated air dryer nc series non cycling ncg models 200 400 table of contents page 1 introduction 1 2 abbreviated warranty 1 3 refrigerated dryer nomenclature 2 4 receiving and inspection 3 5 safety and operation precautions 4 6 principles of operation 7 7 installation and initial start up 12 8 scheduled, refrigerated compressed air dryers industrial controls - water vapor condenses into liquid droplets to be removed by the moisture separator then discharged from the dryer by an automatic drain chilled dry air returns through the air to air heat exchanger where it is reheated before exiting the dryer